Nenad Jovic

Landscape Photographer

Hallo and welcome to my Page,

with this Webseite Im fulfilling my long seen dream for which Im working hard everyday. With my Pictures I want to reach to you, to show you the World true my Eyes. Places, Moments and experience which you would maybe never see like this or you didn’t have the opportunity to see.  

Germany my Home Country, is a country known for his stunning landscapes, breathtaking Mountains, home of a many beautiful lakes and lush Forests that offer endless opportunities to explore.

After Germany, the Country where I am the most of my free time hiking and exploring is Austria. Like Germany, Austrian Alps are just incredible beautiful and I enjoy every second exploring the Landscapes. 

Faroe Islands have one of the most breathtaking and unique landscapes in the World. The Islands are characterised by their steep  Cliffs, deep Fjords, stunning waterfalls and green Valleys.

Iceland…the Country of Fire and Ice, this North Atlantic Island is known for its impressive landscapes including glaciers, geysers, volcanic Mountains, one of the kind waterfalls and so many more remarkable things. 

Though, for now I just manage to see the north of Italy, known as the Dolomites, I was totally fascinated by its beauty. Like the whole Alps regions, here you have crystal clear Lakes, breathtaking Mountains and small picturesque Villages. 

The first Country which I visited in South America was Peru. This Country has in my opinion one of the kind Landscapes, red Mountains, turquoise blue Lakes, Deserts, Jungles, Rainforests  and many more.

Madeira and Azores Islands are one of the most unique Island that I ever visit. Booth of the Islands have ist own beauty and Flair, Madeira on the one side with some most incredible Mountain Peeks, Stunning Cliffs and beautiful coastlines. Azores on the other side are amazing Vulkan Islands with  amazing nature and crazy weather.