Nenad Jovic

Landscape Photographer

Hi, I'm Nenad

The Photography is for me not just a passion or hobby of mine, but my life. Since more then 3 years my life has been focused on Landscape Photography., for that reason I decided to leave the big City life and I moved to the small Village in the very south of the beautiful Bavaria. Here I can use every free second of mine  to spend with my Photography. 

it began like this..

The passion for the Photography I discovered few years a go in my vacation. The amazing Colours, Forms and lights of our incredible Nature, have awaked passion and desire in me. If you look closely you will see that for this passion you don’t need to travel far away, because Nature is magical everywhere. For me those are not just Pictures, for me is Photography like I said before my life. It’s about emotion and those moments to feel. Landscape Photography is always unique. There’s nothing varied  like a Landscape since one same place changes depending of the Season or time of the day and you have everyday something new to discover.

My Passion...

Lonly Mountains, Islands and Lakes are one of my biggest passions. It’s always fascinating in the night to hike and on sunrise to wait, for a special moments of the nature to capture. Long hikes with heavy gear on my shoulders, short sleep, very cold or very hot weather require a lot of energy, but the outstanding moments which you become as a reward are wort the effort.